Document translation from Slovenian to English

Translation services from Slovenian to English and from English to Slovenian

Translation from Slovenian to English is a specialism for us here at Libra, as we have been providing translations in this language pair since 2009, with strong links to translators within the country. We’ll be happy to take on your translation project, whether large or small.

We can provide a wide range of translation services from English to Slovenian and Slovenian to English, including certified document translation, technical translation and legal translation services.

Your document will be translated by a professional translator and proofread by a second linguist native in the target language, with our quality assurance process ensuring you’ll be satisfied with the result. We’ll be alongside you every step of the way for your project, whether it involves Slovenian national legislation, bilingual contract production or taking your product to the Slovene market.

Certified translation

Whether you have a school certificate, university diploma  or other educational document to be translated we can provide a certified translation to meet your requirements. We can also provide official translations of birth and marriage certificates to UK Visas and Immigration standards.

Legal translation

If you're doing business in Slovenia, you might  need a copy of relevant Slovenian regulations or versions of business correspondence. We can also provide high-quality contract translation to meet your legal requirements, as well as for personal legal documents such as wills or house deeds.

Marketing translation

Need a Slovenian version of your website? No problem. We'll handle the text and make sure the new localised version is natural and idiomatic to help you reach the local market.

Financial translation

We can handle most types of accounting documentation, including annual reports, bank statements and taxation documents from Slovenian to English.  

Technical translation 

We can take on most types of technical translations, so whether you have a technical tender to file or engineering documentation to work with, so get in touch.

Medical translation 

You might need an English version of hospital records following a trip to Slovenia for insurance purposes or for your own records, which we'll be happy to provide.

Facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy, and is famous for its historic Lake Bled, with a church on an island in the centre, the relaxed capital of Ljubljana and its 47-km stretch of coastline.

Slovenia’s highest mountain is Mount Triglav, which is pictured on the country’s flag and holds a particular importance for residents of the country – some consider that you’re not a real Slovene until you’ve climbed all 2,864 metres to the summit! 

Facts about Slovenian

Most languages only have two grammatical numbers, singular and plural, but Slovenian counts three: singular, dual and plural, meaning two of anything has its own particular verb form and declension. The dvojina, or dual number is a feature that is unique among languages spoken in Europe. The Republic of Slovenia is home to a population of just 2 million individuals, yet the language has around 50 regional dialects, some of which are heavily influenced by Hungarian and Italian.

In fact, Libra founder Mark is one of only a handful of British people to have completed a university qualification in Slovenian, graduating from the University of Nottingham, UK with a Postgraduate Diploma in the language, so your document will be in experienced hands!

Want to know more? Get in touch for a free quote for your document! 

As a bonus, here’s one Slovenian YouTube project we helped Als Action English out with. 

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia