Document Translation From Georgian to English

Picture of Tblisi

Need a translation from Georgian to English or vice-versa? The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. We can provide certified Georgian document translation for almost any purpose, including for the Home Office, NARIC, university and other official UK requirements.

We only collaborate with qualified, experienced translators specialised in the subject area of your document. Your document will be handled by an expert Georgian translator and pass through our vigorous QA checks to ensure that the final result is the highest quality on offer.

Types of documents we handle:

  • Legal, including contracts and property documentation;
  • Medical, covering hospital reports, prescriptions and  doctor’s notes;
  • Pharmaceutical, including clinical trial documentation and licences;
  • Business documentation – company registration certifications, taxation and annual reports;
  • General – from personal correspondence to just about anything you can imagine.

Get in touch with us for a free quote, or just to discuss the process and we’ll get back to you on the same day.

Here are a few facts for you about the Georgian language:

Georgian has one of the world’s most complicated verbal systems, with a intricate system of prefixes and infixes.  The Georgian alphabet is composed of 33 letters, and is in fact so beautiful that we just had to feature it in our blog post on the world’s most interesting alphabets.

Georgia is also famed for its amazing food, often referred to as “heaven’s table scraps”. Here’s some hatchapuri (Georgian cheese bread) made by the Libra Translation team to warm up your taste buds!